Engagement Ring Styles

A Complete Guide to Engagement Rings with Lab Grown Diamonds

The engagement ring plays a crucial part in one of the most significant events in one’s life, a marriage proposal. This complete guide to selecting an engagement ring will help you understand the many types, shapes, and styles to make the best choice.

History of Engagement Rings

This long history began in 1477 when Archduke Maximilian of Austria married Mary of Burgundy in Vienna's Imperial courts; he created the first well-documented diamond ring to signify his engagement to her.

This occasion made giving a diamond ring as an engagement gift more common and kicked off the development of what would come to be known as a new tradition. Diamond rings were increasingly sought after by European royalty and aristocracy, who made them a popular choice.

The tradition is still practiced today and not just in Europe, but also in other parts of the world, especially in North America where people adore this style of ring and its heartfelt connotations. Diamonds are still used to celebrate unions and treasured memories, making them the ideal choice for a proposal.

Engagement Rings by Style

The style you choose for your ring is a personal choice that represents what your relationship means to you. Here at Grown Brilliance, you can find a variety of designs, from a classic diamond to a more modern, minimalistic look, from traditional to more contemporary engagement rings, to match the personal style choice that suits you. We want to make sure that your moment is not only special, but also brilliant.


A solitaire engagement ring is an excellent choice for the traditional bride-to-be. Solitaire rings are easily one of the most popular settings available, with a traditionally appealing style that places emphasis on the center stone.

There are a variety of settings available to personalize the solitaire style. For example the prong setting holds the diamond in place by small “claws,” and is most popular when stylized with either 4 or 6 prongs. The 6 prong setting, also known as the Tiffany Setting, has 6 minimalistic “claws” that hold the diamond above the band, whereas the 4 prong setting, also known as the Classic Setting, offers a more brilliant display of the center diamond by showing it off with only 4 prongs to hold it in place. The double prong features a set of prongs where the claws wrap around offering the illusion that the claws holding the diamond are slimmer. Another type of setting is the bezel setting which displays the center diamond with a single ring of metal around its girdle. Whatever setting you choose should be a reflection of your own personal choice and style that represents both you and your love.

The most classic of halo settings features a center stone surrounded by a narrow clean band of diamonds, which both add additional sparkle on their own merit and contribute to the added shining brilliance of the middle stone. You can personalize this setting by adding to the number of rings surrounding the middle diamond, the color of the pave stones that make up the diamond halo, and whether or not to add pave diamonds around the shank of the ring. In addition to giving the illusion of a bigger diamond, these pave stones that encircle the diamond flash with light and focus the attention back on the center stone.

With a more 1920s, art deco style, the halo engagement ring offers a classic setting with a stylish twist for the brides-to-be who want to show off a little.

Hidden Halo

Instead of framing the center stone, the hidden halo setting sits below it and with the function of being the diamond’s base in a “hidden” way. The center stone is brighter from above than from any other angle because of the small stones visible. Hidden halo can be done in different shapes and styles,for example a round hidden halo, a drape hidden halo, which is a more ornate, soft and flowy design, a double hidden halo, or, one of the most traditional hidden halo rings, a halo on the basket, which is the part of the ring that holds the center stone.

Another type of hidden halo is the shadow halo. The shadow halo is hidden 80% of the way but it still sits under the center stone, more specifically, most of the halo is under the table of the center stone.

Three Stone

A three stone ring setting features a dazzling center stone surrounded by two smaller side stones. The two side stones flank the center stone highlighting its beauty and giving the illusion of a larger stone. A three stone ring is a great choice for those who treasure timeless style and optimum beauty. Whoever said three stones are better than one knew the value of this stylish setting.

Custom Design

Custom designs are the perfect way to make your jewelry something even more unique, and it’s the perfect way to design anything your heart desires. With a custom design, you can make your dream ring a reality.

The Hero - The center diamond on your engagement ring.

The diamond's shape will determine how brilliantly and in what ways your engagement ring will sparkle, making it essential to your ring's design. After all, they serve as the diamond's "face," and have a significant impact on the design of your ring.

In addition, you can also have lab grown diamonds in any shape, such as princess cut, pear cut, round cut, marquise cut, cushion cut, oval cut, asscher cut, radiant cut, emerald cut, and heart cut – check it out!

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

A magnificent lab-grown diamond reflects many elements of true love, such as truth, preciousness, and eternity. In fact, the lovely round shape of a classic round cut diamond in an engagement ring further emphasizes eternity. After all, the durability of a diamond conveys the message that they are eternal, just as true love is.

Even though styles come and go, the stunning solitaire has long been a favorite for engagement rings among many couples worldwide. However, keep in mind that your best choice is picking your favorite based on your own preferences, rather than just based on popularity.

This question has no one correct response, because it depends on each couple. What works for someone might not work for another person. The best strategy is to make the decision purely based on the couple's own preferences and the consultant's knowledge, making your ring even more distinctive and precious for this special moment.

However, lab-grown diamonds are the best and most ethical option for an engagement ring. To find the right diamond for you, we recommend choosing a diamond shape and then determining the best size for you and your loved one.