Find Your Perfect Engagement Ring

Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring Style

Choosing the perfect engagement ring style is a personal journey that requires a bit of research and introspection. First and foremost, consider the wearer's style and personality. If they lean towards classic and timeless pieces, a traditional solitaire or princess cut diamond ring might be the perfect choice. Those with a more unique and eclectic style might prefer a vintage ring, or perhaps a non-traditional gemstone like a sapphire or emerald.

Another critical factor is the wearer's lifestyle. For those who lead an active lifestyle or work with their hands, a ring with a low profile and a durable setting like bezel or channel would be ideal.

Also, think about the preferred metal for the ring. As we discussed earlier in this document, skin tone can play a significant role in how a metal looks on your hand.

Lastly, consider the size and shape of the wearer's hand. Certain styles can complement different hand shapes. For instance, a long, thin band can make short fingers appear longer, while a larger central stone can help balance larger hands.

Remember, choosing an engagement ring is a significant decision, but it should also be an enjoyable process. It's a token of love and commitment, and it should reflect the unique bond between you and your partner.

Engagement Ring Styles

An engagement ring style refers to the overall aesthetic design of the ring. This includes elements such as the setting, the shape and cut of the gemstone, the type of metal used, and any additional features like side stones or decorative metalwork. The style of an engagement ring is a key consideration as it should ideally align with the wearer's personal style and daily routine. Some popular styles include solitaire, halo, three-stone, and vintage. Each style has its unique characteristics and connotations, giving the wearer the power to express their individuality and their love story through their chosen ring.

Here is an overview of some of the most popular engagement ring style:


The solitaire engagement ring style is characterized by its simplicity and elegance. It features a single, prominent gemstone—typically a diamond—that serves as the centerpiece of the design. The gemstone is usually held in place by prongs, allowing maximum exposure to light and enhancing its brilliance. This style is known for its timeless appeal and is often chosen for its ability to showcase the beauty of the central gemstone without any distractions. It's adaptable to various shapes and sizes of gemstones and can be made from a variety of metals, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a classic and versatile engagement ring.


The halo engagement ring style is known for its spectacular sparkle. It features a central gemstone that's surrounded by a 'halo' of smaller diamonds or gemstones, designed to enhance the size and luminosity of the central stone. The halo creates an illusion of a larger central gemstone and adds extra brilliance. This ring style can often be seen gracing the fingers of many celebrities and is a perfect choice for those who love a bit of glamour and drama.

Hidden Halo

The hidden halo engagement ring style, on the other hand, is a subtler take on the traditional halo design. Here, the halo of smaller gemstones is positioned underneath the central stone, only visible from the side angle. This creates a surprise element and adds a touch of sophistication and intricacy to the ring. The hidden halo can be paired with any gemstone shape and adds a unique flair to the traditional solitaire or halo styles. It's an ideal choice for someone seeking a ring with a unique detail that still maintains a classic silhouette.


The three-stone engagement ring style, as the name suggests, features a trio of gemstones, symbolizing a couple's past, present, and future. Usually, the central stone is larger, flanked on either side by smaller yet significant stones. While traditionally the stones are all of the same shape, modern designs often experiment with different combinations, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the ring. This style not only offers a unique visual richness but also carries a profound sentimental significance, making it a popular choice among those looking for depth in design and meaning. It's an exceptional choice for those who appreciate symbolism and wish to add a touch of personal storytelling to their ring.

Shape and Style

The choice of diamond shape can greatly influence and complement the style of the engagement ring. For instance, the round brilliant diamond, known for its exceptional brightness, pairs beautifully with the halo style, enhancing the overall brilliance and giving an illusion of a larger centerpiece. Meanwhile, the princess and cushion cut diamonds, with their distinct edges and shapes, lend themselves well to the hidden halo style, adding an element of surprise and sophistication to the overall design.

The three-stone style offers flexibility and pairs well with various diamond shapes. However, the combination of a round center stone with pear or marquise side stones is a popular choice for its unique aesthetic appeal. This style combination creates a visual flow that's both distinct and harmonious. The emerald cut diamond, known for its depth and clarity, also pairs beautifully with the three-stone style, offering a unique blend of classic and modern aesthetics.

In the end, the best match between diamond shape and style boils down to personal preference, lifestyle, and the story the wearer wishes to tell through their ring. Always consider these factors when choosing the perfect engagement ring.