About Our Jewelry

We are proud to offer both natural and lab grown diamonds at a great value everyday.

A lab grown diamond is one that is produced in a controlled laboratory setting as opposed to an underground mine. It is also referred to as a man-made, lab-created, cultured, or cultivated diamond. The process is not geological; it is managed by humans. In actuality, it is a wise, economical substitute for diamonds that are mined. Find out more details on lab grown diamonds here.

Yes. All of our diamonds are ethically sourced from reputable suppliers and manufacturers who adhere to the Kimberley Process, which aims to reduce "blood diamonds" in the industry and ensure that the diamonds are conflict-free.

All diamonds over 1 ct are delivered with an IGI certificate. IGI is a reputable, independent certification laboratory.

Lab grown diamonds are real diamonds in every way. They have exactly the same chemical, optical, and physical characteristics as natural diamonds. The sole distinction is that they are produced in a laboratory above earth as opposed to forming deep below the Earth’s surface. Diamonds produced in laboratories are 100% genuine. However, diamond imitators like moissanite or cubic zirconia are only imitations of real diamonds because they lack the same chemical and physical characteristics of a diamond. Find out more information on lab grown diamonds here.

A diamond ‘seed’ is set in carbon-rich conditions inside a sophisticated growth chamber. Using our exclusive growth technique, the seed develops into a rough diamond. The rough diamond is then planned, laser cut, polished & finished just like a natural diamond. Learn more about lab grown diamonds here.

In addition to showing them in decimals in the product description, we show all of our diamond carat total weights (ctw) in fractions in the product name. The fractions we employ adhere to both diamond industry best practices and Federal Trade Commission requirements for diamonds advertised as fractions. Please click here to see our diamond tolerances chart.

We laser inscribe the girdle of all our diamonds that are 1 ct and larger.

Our jewelry is expertly crafted in 14K gold or platinum. Most gold items are available in white, yellow, and rose gold color choices. You can choose your metal type and color on the product page for all items.

Yes. We use rhodium plating on our white gold. The rhodium plating enhances the luster and durability of the metal, and gives a smooth, shiny finish to the jewelry. This is common practice in the jewelry industry.

Yes. We have a legal obligation per the National Stamping Act to stamp silver and gold jewelry, and we follow the guidelines for stamping as set forth by the Federal Trade Commission. These markings, or stamps, are required to show the quality of the metal and the trademark. For example, if the item is made of 14 karat gold, the stamp will show 14K. For jewelry that includes lab grown diamonds, we also include LGD in the stamp. For rings, the stamp can be located inside the band, on either the right or left side. If you do not see the stamp with the naked eye, we recommend looking through a magnifier or jeweler’s loupe.

Many of our engagement rings and wedding bands are engravable. If the engagement ring is engravable, you will have the option to add the engraving on the product page or in the shopping cart. There may be a small fee for this service.

If you have allergies to gold, then platinum may be the best metal choice as it is hypoallergenic.  While most customers have no allergic reaction to platinum because it does not contain gold, note that our platinum rings still contain other metals in the alloy, so depending on the degree and type of your allergies, you may still experience some allergic reaction.  Learn more about finding the right metal here

About Von Diamonds

At Von Diamonds, we believe that everyone deserves to feel elegant, regardless of their budget. That's why we offer a wide selection of high-quality, natural and lab grown diamond jewelry that is both stylish and affordable.

Orders & Payments

Yes, all our prices are displayed in USD including taxes and shipping fees.

We charge customers for tax where we are required to. No profit is made from these taxes, which are paid directly to the states that mandate their collection by us. Any applicable taxes will be calculated and displayed throughout the checkout process.

We accept all major US credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. Additionally, we offer financing through Affirm with affordable monthly payments and APRs as low as 0%.

Yes, we do provide financing via Affirm. If qualified, you may qualify for low monthly payments with rates as low as 0% APR. Select Affirm as your payment method during checkout, then register for an account and respond to a few questions. If you've been accepted, you'll be notified right away. You will manage all upcoming monthly payments and financing conditions through your Affirm account.

Shipping & Delivery

Items are either In-Stock or Made-to-Order. Items that are in stock ship within two(2) business days after you place your purchase. It usually takes two (2) weeks to make and ship products that are made to order. Once you've customized your jewelry, check the product detail page to see when it is expected to ship. See a complete list of our shipping rules here.

All of our items are securely placed in a chic jewelry box for gifting. Our shipping boxes do not mention VON Diamonds, diamonds, or jewelry anywhere on the box in order to prevent theft or other issues.

We provide FREE FedEx 2Day shipping on all orders placed in the United States. For an additional fee, FedEx Priority Overnight is offered. Choosing FedEx Priority Overnight does not affect the lead time to process and create the jewelry.  

We currently do not provide Saturday Delivery. See our full shipping policies here.

Unfortunately, we do not currently ship outside the U.S.

We are unable to accommodate order changes after the payment has been processed. This includes change requests for an address, different item, metal color, carat weight or ring size. However, you have 24 hours from the time you place your purchase to cancel any made-to-order items.

Returns, Warranty & Repairs

We provide a 30-day return policy with FREE shipping via FedEx. If for any reason you are not entirely pleased with your purchase, you have 30 days from the time it ships to return it and receive a full refund to the original payment method.

Yes! In our lifetime manufacturing warranty, we guarantee that all jewelry will be delivered free from manufacturing flaws in both the materials and workmanship, and that the visual qualities of gemstones won't ever deteriorate or cloud with time. See our complete policy here.

Yes, we allow up to one (1) free ring resizing within 30 days after you receive your item. We will send you a prepaid shipping label to send us your ring and we will ship it back to you for free as well.

Although diamonds and jewelry are strong, they are not unbreakable. We are here to assist you with repairs if your jewelry is damaged. To get started with a repair contact a customer service agent at customerservice@vondiamonds.com, or call us at 877-812-7273.

Caring for your diamond jewelry is similar to caring for other fine jewelry pieces. A straightforward approach involves using a small amount of dish soap mixed with warm water. Gently scrub the jewelry using a soft cloth or a toothbrush with soft bristles. Rinse it thoroughly and allow it to dry on a soft cloth. Another option is to utilize an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. If you require professional cleaning or repairs, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.